Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dan Gerschwin

He came and gave a talk today at MBL. It was about genetics -- well really the "transcriptome", as reading all of the RNA is apparently much easier than the genome or the proteome. It was very interesting and the analysis he was doing was quite remarkable.

Most people look at up or down regulation of RNAs and try and correlate that with phenotype. He was actually looking at how different RNAs were correlated together, and then relating that to phenotype. Basically based on the correlation of different RNA expression levels he could build a distance matrix and then do graph-based analysis. He was showing how different RNAs cluster into "modules" and that modules were organized in reasonable ways -- many of the modules were related to the cell types and other pretty obvious differences. He had some cool ways of clustering and dimensional analysis that could be relevant to thesis work.

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